The Madman’s Advocate Art and Lore Book

With very little time to spare, I was able to finally finish this book to my liking. It took many nights of staying up until 3 am to draw what I needed to and to also get all my other class’s assignments done on top of that. So it is easy to see that this is something I really care about. Unfortunately, I got rather anxious towards the end of class when trying to upload this. Everyone finished so quickly, once they were done they left and the room count quickly thinned out. I have no idea why I panicked to finish the book, I had plenty of time, I even had enough time to take it home and finish. But my ride home was only a few minutes away, plus I felt the need to finish it in class. So I did, but because I was in a panicked rush, I did not skim over it as carefully as I should have. So there are a few parts in the book where text is cut off. This is completely my fault for trying to hurry, I should not have let my anxiety get the best of me. There also happened to be a processing order so two books were purchased. I canceled one order, checked back later to see that it wasn’t actually canceled. So I get to have two books with these errors in them now.

Negativity aside, I really did enjoy making this book. These characters and their stories are so incredibly important to me that it’s hard for me to even express. I plan to expand on this book with in my free time, adding more characters, more drawings, and more writing. It really helped me think about developing this story and consider the future that it has waiting.

I may order a revised version of the book for myself then try to sell the two misprints for a little bit less money since this story already has a bit of a fan base!

Update: I put up a better quality flip book version of it on my website!

Night Time Wizard Battle

Rush_April 06, 2017-24

Today in class we focused on night photography. I meant to bring glow sticks and other lights that we could use to make some pretty awesome photos but I unfortunately forgot to grab them on my way out the house. So I figured that the lights on our phones would work sufficiently enough to come up with something. I worked with my class mate Dean, and as we waited for the sun to set, I got the idea to use the light of our phones to make it look like we’re battling with magic wands. It did take us a few tries, and it was pretty entertaining to see since out of context we were two random kids wildly waving our phones around us while in front of a camera. A good amount of people that walked by sent us a raised brow, but Dean and I were having too much of a fun time to really care. Later we tried to mimic the “superhero landing” by use our phone lights to make the lines that indicated my fist hitting the ground. This one was a bit harder and most of the lines were so crisp that it looked like we just squiggled some lines on snapchat; it turned out okay but not too much to my liking. Dean and I also had to share our photos so I tried to edit (probably over edit) my versions a bit differently to look separate from his.

Ultimately this activity was very fun and I would love to do it again! I even got so into it that I happened to trigger my heart condition because I worked myself too much. So I started shaking and broke out in a very heavy sweat. But after a little rest, I recovered and got some cool photos!

Navy Guest Speakers

Today some Navy photographers, Arthur Marquez and Ben Lewis, came in to talk about their work.  Arthur was previously a deep sea diver but now does a lot of underwater photography while Ben entered the navy as a journalist and now does a lot of aerial or combat photography. It is interesting to see just how passionate they are about what they do for a living. These photographers have gone to the ends of the earth to both help people and get the perfect photographs. Working in the Navy is a huge commitment and it is definitely not an easy one; so I admire just how much Arthur and Ben are willing to sacrifice to get the photos they need. Each one of their photos were incredibly powerful and well done. The composition, the colors, the emotions, and the purpose of them all were contained so well in their small snapshots of time that they come up with. Although I’m not planning to go into a photography as a profession, their words still inspired me to pursue my craft to the best of my ability.

Panoramas? More Like Painoramas

As the title suggests, I did struggle some what with this assignment. The first tripod I tried using for it decided it didn’t want to stay in one piece for more than 3 seconds. So I tried taking the photos for it just by holding the camera myself but it is a lot harder to get pictures that line up with each other this way; it is especially hard when you have a slight tremor that prevents you from keeping the camera as steady as possible. After giving up with that tripod, the next day I pick up a new one to use. But unfortunately one of the hinges was broken, so I could not tighten the camera to a stable position. I resorted to duct taping the broken parts in place so I could get some remotely good photos.

I tried my best with what I had and there are definitely a lot of mistakes in the panoramas where the separate photos could not be stitched together too well. Regardless of the struggle, panoramas are honestly a fun thing to play with if you’re able to get a good enough set of photos. Making these taught me some more things in Photoshop as well since I had to try to even out the images’ curved horizon lines.

Book Proposal for The Madman’s Advocate

Book Proposal Paper

The Madman’s Advocate Concept Book

Kaelie Rush

California State University San Marcos



People tend to underestimate the power and importance of art and storytelling. Simply put: it is a part of us. Every day, every hour, every minute of a person’s journey through time is another word upon a page of their growing yet fragmentary story; because after all, our legacy and history is revisited through stories. With that said, it makes sense that we would be instinctively drawn towards the art of telling tales.

My favorite form of telling stories is through my drawings and writing. I love making characters, I love making their own universes, their own flaws, and their own strengths. Art and stories play an important part in society because that is the way many people connect with each other. One big reason I have created my characters is to help myself deal with the struggles life throws at me. They have honestly helped me through so much that it has made me want to allow them to help others too. So, that is why I would like to use this opportunity to make a book offering a brief glimpse into my art and my characters’ stories. The title of the story is The Madman’s Advocate (TMMA) which follows along the journeys of its protagonist Wheatley Tibenotch.


I plan to make a book of concept art that provides insight on some of the lore and characters of The Madman’s Advocate, my future web comic.

Plan of Action

Wheatley, being my main character for the story, will primarily be the central focus, so he will get the most extensive character sheet and background description. Since I have been working on this story for about 5 years now, I would also like to show how his and other character’s designs have changed throughout the years. Essentially it will feature some of the different characters, the lore, and my inspirations and intentions for the story.

The book will open up with my person introducing herself (myself) and my art. Then she will proceed to walk through a gallery that is two pages long made of multiple drawings I have already done for the story. She will briefly describe what TMMA is and what it means to her. Then the next page will mimic a cover page of an actual book with “The Madman’s Advocate” written on it accompanied by the comic’s logo behind it. Pages after that will consist of concept art, character sheets, and some pages primarily compromised of text with some images that explains snippets of the story.

There is a chance that I may giving myself too much work to do within the limited amount of time I have. Mostly because this book will be made up of drawings I will make starting now up until the due date. Each drawing will take me about 2 to 6 hours depending on the amount of detail I do. Unfortunately, this semester has made time an exceptionally rare thing which makes it hard to find any time even for myself, but this book is going to be featuring something I am very passionate about so I believe I will be able to find the time to complete everything. If I do not, I have old drawings I can compile together or different routes of production I can take in the worst-case scenario.

Desired Outcomes

I want this book to function like a pilot episode used for newly launching animated series. A good amount of people already adore this story and these characters I have made. But they are not able to experience my creations fully because all they get to see are drawings and maybe some small descriptions while everything else is living inside my head. I could use this opportunity to make this book a starting foundation for TMMA, mostly because I do not plan to launch the actual web comic until I graduate from college (there is the chance I will start when I feel I have the art skills necessary to create exactly what I would like to). Plus, the book can also become a great addition to my portfolio.

Resources Needed

The main very limited resource I require is time. Other than that, I will just be using the programs Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop CC to create my drawings. I may add some traditional art in because my favorite art medium is watercolors or copic markers; so, those types of drawings may find their way in there as well.

Preparations Made

Nearly each page will be compromised of its own drawing that I will create starting now until the due date. Thusly, each drawing will take me approximately 2 to 6 hours depending on the amount of details in it. So, that is obviously going to take a lot of time but because I have drawn these characters so much and because I have been drawing my whole life, I am wholeheartedly prepared to get each page done. I also have a large amount of drawings done in the past that I can choose to implement into the book if it deems itself necessary. But because I have been building this story for 5 years now, it is almost like it has become a part of me. For example, I easily come up with new ideas for it when I am simply asked questions that I do not have an answer for yet. Therefore, I meet all preparations needed to create this book since it is the equivalent to me pouring my soul out onto these future pages.


It is easy to see that these characters and their stories mean the world to me, it is for this reason that I wish to share them with the world. To do so, I will be creating a short concept book that will construct its viewers a window to see into this universe I’ve come up with. It will also function as the beginning foundation for the future web comic because this will compile the majority of the information I have currently floating around in my head into a single form of art that will be easily accessible. I have the resources necessary and the passions necessary to create this book which make me feel completely prepared to make this concept a reality. I will be doing so through many drawings and snippets of texts. All in all, I am very excited to share these creations of mine with all those who wish to know about them.

Running a Photo Booth at a Dog Show


We had an assignment for class called The Photo booth Community Project. Essentially all we had to do was set up a little booth in a public location and take pictures of people; it sounds easy right? Unfortunately for us, not everything went according to plan.

My classmate Dean and I teamed up to set up a photo booth at Bates Nut Farm while a dog show was being held there. Our set up was pretty nice and decent looking! We set up a canopy, and put a table underneath where we handed people their links to the website these photos will be posted on. I also sketched a quick drawing in my sketchbook that I set under the sign to clarify what exactly our booth was all about. Both Dean and I brought along our cameras but we set Dean’s up on the tripod he brought with him. We tied a thick off white sheet to the canopy that then hung down to function as the photo booth back drop. On top of that, Dean found a huge frame people could use to pose with if they’d like!


We seemed pretty ready for a good amount of people to walk by and have their photos taken with them and their pooch. The first unfortunate thing that happened however, was that we were only able to set up our booth in front of the main store which usually is a pretty hopping place, but the dog shows were happening at the very entrance of the farm, and because there were so many parked RVs and other booths trying to make some money, we weren’t entirely visible to a lot of people. Maybe one or two walked by, asking for their photos, others said they’d be back for one (many never came back), while the rest just stared in confusion from afar.

Unfortunate thing number 2 was we forgot to consider that a lot of dogs were the same color as our backdrop. Plus the lighting in the area wasn’t all that great anyways so it cast a rather unappealing shadow on the backdrop. And although we had the frame people could hold up instead, most of them had to focus on holding their dogs or there was a really bad shadow yet again; so that took option two out of the picture. Trying to make things work, Dean and I decided to just use store-front as our background even though our assignment said NOT to do that (we really had no other options).

Unfortunate thing number 3 was people wanted pictures of just their dogs. We took those photos but asked if we could also take a picture of them with their dogs or just them alone because that was our assignment, but in all respect, they usually declined. Because of this, we quickly sneaked in a few photos we could personally use of the trainers prepping their dogs for their photos.

We tried our best to accommodate all the issues that were fighting against us; nonetheless the main problem we faced was a lack of people. Out of the amount of people that walked by, only a few people approached us on their own. At this point Dean and I came to realize that we likely wouldn’t be getting at least 40 people (since we both needed 20 photos minimum for our assignment). So what we did was took our own photos of the same subject, not really sure if that counts or not but we didn’t have much else to do at this point. Technically we weren’t using the same photos because each is at a different angle, each is edited differently, and so on.

When we weren’t getting anyone, I stayed at the booth just in case someone would stop by while Dean took the frame and walked around the farm to take pictures of people just in the case that we wouldn’t get enough photos. He did this twice, yet we still couldn’t get enough. But a nice man from the BBQ stand across from us walked over to our booth when Dean was away. He told me that his son recently graduated from CSUSM and then asked how he could help. So I asked if I could take a picture of him and his crew even though this was breaking the whole idea of being in a photo booth. After taking their photo he said that he’d tell anyone who was buying food to go check out our booth! Because of that we were able to get more people! But still sadly not enough.

When we were nearing the end of the sunlight, I decided to use the number one talent all college students have, to play the desperation card. Dean would ask people if they wanted their photos taken, they said no, so I usually spoke up, saying something like “please this is for a school assignment and we don’t have enough people yet and we’re being graded on this, just one quick picture, that’s all.” Plus I was able to grab some people’s attention when they saw that I was drawing. Usually after my pleads, they agreed to have their photo taken and because of that we were able to get about the minimum amount of photos we needed.

All complaining aside though, I did have a lot of fun doing this project! Although it was challenging and frustrating at times, it was really fun to see all the different people, hear a bit about them, and just see the powerful bond they had with their dogs. This project probably helped with my adaptability skills since it’s never certain that things are going to go exactly as you planned them and so you need to find ways to work with the challenges, uses your disadvantages as advantages and really appreciate any positivity or advantages you get. This also probably really rose the views Dean gets on his official website since that’s where we’re putting all the photos for people to download them. It’s the site where he has his resume and occupational related things, so who knows, it could open up some recognition or job opportunities for him.

So even though this wasn’t the easiest of projects and even though not everything worked in our favor, I’m happy we at least we got to look at dogs all day.






A Museum that Actually Pinged my Interest

First things first, I hate museums. But I’m an artist though, shouldn’t I enjoy museums or at least find them inspiring?

I’m sorry but I don’t have any interest in looking at a $1,000,000 table and chair that look like they came out of my dining room. Nor do I have interest in looking at a urinal flipped on its side that’s considered the pinnacle of an art movement born to revolt against a corrupt government.

So it’s needless to say that when we were given an assignment to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts, I wasn’t all that thrilled. As I walked into the first exhibit, “India & the Picturesque”, my brain gave an exhausted sigh while trying to find something to write about. I had nothing besides: yes, they’re pictures and yes, they’re in a museum.

But then after walking a little further, the exhibit called “disorder” came into my sights and completely changed my attitude. There were massive images displaying utmost chaos, colorful explosions, and real life tragedies. They were all so beautiful and some were so crisp and vivid that it was hard to tell if they were photographs or paintings. Regardless, this exhibit was radiating with powerful imagery that really pulled one’s attention in and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The final exhibit was a very interactive one.IMG_0897
As soon as you walked in there was a large screen reflecting the viewers looking into it; the quality was very pixelated but detailed enough to make out the people and objects in front of it. Upon closer inspection however, you could see that the pixels of the screen were made up of sporadically changing portraits of a plethora of many different people. This particular piece was called “Self/Reflection” and it was positively intriguing just to see how much detail and time was put into it.

Lastly in this exhibit there were 3-D images and a small box with different props, a red and a blue light, that you have to move around to create the usually red and blue 3-D image. My friends and I spent at least 10 minutes playing with the thing.

All in all, I did enjoy going through this museum and it is something I’d definitely recommend visiting it to any photography lovers. So that goes to show that I hate most museums but there can be some exceptions of course.